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Focus your time on higher level tasks like growing your business. FBAPrepTX can save you countless hours of physical work and allow you to be hands off. Let us save you money by not needing employees, equipment and a warehouse. Let us save you time by prepping, packing and ship your FBA shipments.

We are in the heart of the DFW metroplex surrounded by 9 Amazon warehouses and distribution centers. UPS deliveries normally within 24 hours. LTL deliveries delivered same day when Amazon is the LTL carrier.


FBAPrepTX believes in making life easy.

We offer hands on customer service. We know FBA can be confusing and we are available to help.

Our pricing is straight forward. We don’t nickel and dime our customers (box fee, subscription fees, polybag fee, etc.) We make it easy to know how much each shipment will cost. Check out the cost estimator when create a shipment.

We know what it’s like with carriers who give a 9-5 delivery window. Don’t wait at home for days for LTL pickups. We worry about that so you don’t have to.

We focus on you and making sure your products are correct. All shipments are double checked before they go out.


Receive products
All items are received by the carrier, checked for damage and inventoried.
We offer affordable storage for items until you are ready to restock.
FBA Prep
We label, polybag, bubble wrap and make your items ready to sell on Amazon.
Store your items with us and we can fulfill them (FBM) for you
.(Coming Soon)
Ship Products
We box, wrap, label and ship your products.


Purchase your items and use our address

Use our commercial address as your warehouse address. Whether you do Wholesale, Online Arbitrage, Private Label or Retail Arbitrage, we can handle it. Forget about the $75 liftgate fees sitting at home waiting for a LTL delivery.

Receive your items

We receive, inventory and check all of your items for damage as they come in. Your inventory will be uploaded online where you can track all the details. Know exactly what is here and what is not.

Create an Shipment

Let us know what and when you want to ship. Log into your account and select your items from your inventory  to be shipped. Our storage is much cheaper than Amazon and we are happy to hold onto it until you need to restock.

Prep and Pack

Once we receive your order, we will prep and pack (normally within 24 hours excluding weekends) your items per Amazon standards. If needed, we use heavy duty boxes unlike most others. We treat your items just like our own.

Invoice and Pay

After we pack and prep your products we will invoice you for the shipment. Once payment is complete, we will schedule your shipment for pickup.

We ship your products

LTL or SPD, we take care of it. No waiting at home for 2 days waiting for a carrier pickup.


≤20 units per item $1.40
>20 units per item $1.20
Bundle/Multipack up to 4 items $2.50
Bundle/Multipack 5-8 items $4.00
Storage – 1 pallet or one shelving unit $25/mo
Special Prep (glass/fragile) per item $1.00
Oversize Surcharge per item $.50
Inventory lab 10% (we really like their software)
Wholesale Academy 10%


What is the advantage of using FBA Prep TX?

Be hands off. Stay home and focus on buying profitable items. You buy the product and with a little magic, the items end up at Amazon for you to sell. No need to touch any of the physical inventory. Make money by using your brain (and wallet) and not your hands.

How can I save money by paying for prep?

Yes, it is cheaper to do it yourself. You can get away with minimal equipment and lots of time. Focus your time on growing your business. You can run your business from anywhere in the world. You will save hours of physical work, money on shipping supplies and time wasted on dropoff/pickup. One of the biggest savings is time. Sitting at home for 1-2 days waiting for a pallet to be picked up is a waste of your time.

Do these prices include shipping?

Our prep services do not include shipping. Shipping will be billed directly to your Amazon account.

How do you access our account?

We access your seller central account through a “sub account” (a limited access account setup by you). We will only have access to make shipments. If you use Inventory Lab, you will also create a sub account there which we will have limited access to make shipments.

Is it safe to give someone access to my account?

We will guide you through setting up sub accounts. These accounts are jailed and will only have access to create shipments. We will not have any access to areas such as your financials, inventory, pricing, etc.

What is your turn around time?

We do our best to get items ready for shipment within 24 hours of you creating a shipment. We do work some weekends if needed due to high volume of shipments but these items will not be picked up until the next business day (Monday).

How do we pay?

Each shipment will be invoiced after the shipment is double checked and ready for shipment. After we receive payment for services, we schedule the pickup via Amazon Seller Central.

How long does it take for Amazon to receive the shipment?

Being surrounded by Amazon warehouses and distribution warehouses, we often see next day delivery to Amazon when using UPS. Monday-Wednesday UPS shipments are often starting to get into inventory before the weekend. LTL (pallets) are often picked up the next business day and delivered same business day (using Amazon LTL as the carrier). We are lucky to have Amazon as a carrier in our area for LTL pickup. Please note, that delivery vs. checked in can vary. Pallet deliveries often take longer for Amazon to check them in and process them compared to SPD (UPS deliveries).

What can I not send in?

We currently do not ship any hazmat items. Also, we do not handle items over Amazon's category: small oversize.

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